Which Vending Machine Is Best For Passive Income

Have you ever wondered which type of vending machine makes the most money? Or which type of vending machine business is the most profitable?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn from this video!

There are several types of vending businesses you can operate which include the following:

Bulk Vending

Bulk Vending is the operation of candy vending machines and/or toy capsule vending machines. This includes single-head gumball machines, triple-head candy machines and bulk vending toy/candy racks.

Full Line Vending

Full Line Vending is the operation of larger snack vending machines and beverage vending machines. Vendors often place both snack and soda vending machines together in each location to maximize profits.

Amusement Vending

Amusement Vending is the operation of redemption games such as claw machines, coin pushers, and key-masters. This also includes arcade cabinets, however these are not redemption based games and do not tend to earn money well.

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