How To Provide Excellent Vending Services

So you’ve landed some locations, you’ve purchased the exact type of vending equipment you need to accommodate the location’s needs, and you’ve officially opened for business.

Now what?

Besides continuing to find more locations, the real work has just begun! It’s time to provide the excellent level of customer service that you promised your location.

When your customer service exceeds expectations, asking for referrals becomes easy. Plus your location won’t even think twice when it comes time to renew your contract.

There are 4 areas where you should be providing above and beyond service for your customers.

Machine Maintenance

Vending machines are like cars. Take care of them and do preventive maintenance, and they will last a long time. When you first start your vending machine business, you might want to lean on the expertise of an experienced vending professional, to help you out. As you learn the business, you will become that vending expert.

In the long-run, knowing how to maintain your own machines will save you both MONEY and your REPUTATION with the location.

Product Optimization

Show your locations that you’re constantly thinking about the well-being and happiness of their patrons by optimizing the products available in your machines. Rotate out the poor sellers for new products. Try different brands, placements within the machine, types of food or drinks, etc.

This is good for your pocket AND helps keep the location happy.

Engage Directly With Customers

You could do the bare minimum and just keep your vending machines stocked.
But that’s not going to get you a lot of referrals or help you improve your partnership with the location.

We call some of these fun extras, “Buzz Boosters.” Again, they help you look good in the eyes of your location and are fantastic marketing techniques to drive sales.
Here are some Buzz Booster examples:
1. Use neon colored signs or stickers to alert your customers when you put in a new product or reduce the price of an existing product.
2. Hang out while restocking the machine and pass out a few free samples – once people taste how good they are, they’ll be more likely to buy them and to tell their friends.

– Hand out samples of products that are either new or don’t sell well to get those products moving. Try bringing a whole case of that snack to the school lunch period and hand out free samples of it. Students go nuts over this!

-Be friendly with the employees at your locations and talk to any of their guests.

-Ask for feedback while restocking and respond accordingly.

3. Tape a $5 bill to the back of one of the snacks and put a large sign on the machine saying, “One of these products has $5 taped to the back. Will you be the lucky winner?”

Stay in touch… but don’t inundate them.

Let your locations know that they’re important to you and that you’re grateful for the relationship by periodically dropping off new snacks that you’ve been stocking, giving them a holiday gift bag, sending them a birthday card, or just stopping by while restocking to say a quick hello. As decision makers are very busy though, be sure not to overwhelm them with your good intentions. There are a lot of people that want to see them each day.

Get feedback

Make it clear that you want feedback in order to make this the best fit possible. That said, when you do receive feedback, respond to the reasonable requests in a timely fashion.

Feedback is the easiest way to learn more about what your accounts want. And when you provide them with what they want, that’s how you keep your vending accounts for life.

Be personable.

Expert vending tip: Hand-deliver your commission check to the decision maker and include a hand-written thank you note.

Do this every time, as it’s the personal touches that count. It’s these little things that go a long way in the eyes of your accounts.

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