How To Land Vending Machine Locations

Want to find out the easiest ways to secure locations for your vending machines?

If so, you won’t want to miss out on the information provided in this video.

Let’s briefly go over the strategies discussed in this video to land vending machine locations:

Facebook Ads & Craigslist Ads

Posting ads on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist is a very effective way to reach potential businesses. We suggest posting pictures of your actual vending equipment (no google images) along with a catchy description stating why your vending services will bring value to their business. We have landed several locations using this strategy, primarily through Facebook.

Vending Locators

A very easy and effective way to land locations for vending machines is to use a locator. However, many locators have been known to be costly and/or not follow through with securing locations. This is why we only suggest using – Proven to be the most reputable locator in the vending business! They specialize in bulk vending machines, for full line machines you’ll want to try one of the other methods listed in this article.

Referral System

The fact is a lot of your friends, family and even peers work or visits places frequently that are in need of vending machines. Simply reach out to your contacts and offer them anywhere from $50-100 cash if they are able to refer your vending services to a potential business. This could be their office, a gym where they workout, etc. You’d be surprised how effective this method is!

Self Locating

If you think you have all the tools necessary to locate vending machines yourself, then have at it! Might we suggest investing in customized brochures for your business, a professional shirt (with your vending business logo) and business cards! These three things have had major impacts in helping to secure potential locations.

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